WBT Challengers Cup

WBT Challengers Cup

World Bridge Tour wants to create more excitement for general tournament players, and we are proud to introduce the second edition of the WBT Challengers Cup in March 2023. The WBT Challengers Cup has been created for aspiring players not yet participating in WBT Champions Tour.

Since March 2020 great organisers have facilitated top level online tournaments, and in 2021 we introduced the WBT Challengers Cup providing general tournament players a similar arena to compete. You get a chance to play against people from around the world, meet friends and make new friendships. Unfortunately, the demand for such online events was highly reduced in 2022 and we decided to cancel the WBT Challengers Cup 2022. In the 2023 the concept will be revitalized within a new concept. Instead of events lasting several days we will be offering events daily adapted to all time zones. All events will take place on WBHs new gaming platform for bridge (launch q1 2023).

WBT Challengers Cup consists of 3 different types of tournaments.

  1. Multiple daily events with WBT Challengers Cup ranking points.
  2. Weekly Finals for qualified teams.
  3. Monthly Finals for qualified teams.


  • All players with a non-suspended WBT Membership are entitled to play. We encourage high- ranking teams in the WBT Champions Tour not to participate in WBT Challengers Cup events.
  • It is disallowed to have to pro bridge players playing with each other in the WBT Challengers Cup.
  • All the players on the team are required to hold a non- suspended WBT membership.
  • WBT kindly requests players not to apply for WBT membership unless they are committed to following the This Is How We Play rules of WBT.

Awards & Ranking points

Any winner of a WBT Challengers Monthly Final will receive an invitation to play a WBT Masters event. WBH will cover the entry-fee (3 000 €) and provide travel allowance for 4 players. Each WBT Masters event has a Price Pool of 70 000 €. Further details and condition of contest to be announced.

WBT awards WBT CC Points for all competitions. WBT CC Points will be awarded to the team captain and can’t be transferred to a new team.