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WBT Masters Copenhagen banner image, from 7th of October to 11th of October 2024. Click here to go to the event website.
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At the World Bridge Tour we are passionate about growing and celebrating the game of bridge.

Card player

Through the intensity of the game and thrilling tournaments we deliver excitement for both players and spectators.

Bridge is the finest card game in the world and the only mind game where humans still outperform computers. Every deal gives you an opportunity to experience problem solving, partnership building, social skills developing, psychology advancing and sheer enjoyment. Bridge is condensed life!

Our Values

At the WBT we compete with passion and vigour. We do so by focusing on four key values:

  • Fairness

    The rules and how they are enforced apply for everyone in order to ensure a level playing field. We never sell out on fair play.

  • Adaptation

    We encourage creative thinking and development. Contract bridge rules date back to 1925 and we embrace the opportunity for the game to advance and thrive.

  • Integrity

    Honesty and trust are cornerstones of bridge. We conduct ourselves in accordance with high ethical standards.

  • Respect

    We appreciate individuality and diversity, and are courteous to players, spectators and business partners. We do our utmost to ensure that everyone feels welcome in our tournaments.