About us

At the World Bridge Tour (WBT) we are passionate about growing and celebrating the game of bridge. Through the intensity of the game and thrilling tournaments we deliver excitement for both players and spectators.

Bridge is the finest card game in the world and the only mind game where humans still outperform computers. Every deal gives you an opportunity to experience problem solving, partnership building, social skills developing, psychology advancing and sheer enjoyment. Bridge is condensed life!

We strive to spread the many positive aspects of bridge and increase the popularity of the game. Hopefully this can lead to more attention and media coverage, like chess, poker and e-sports have achieved. WBT has established contacts with national broadcasters and we have a goal to have WBT tournaments on-air as soon as possible.

WBT’s ambition is to be an arena for all competitive bridge players. Through our prime events and Challengers Cup we offer tournaments for a wide range of players; amateurs are as welcome as professionals.

Our Values

At the WBT we compete with passion and vigour. We do so by focusing on four key values:

Fairness: The rules and how they are enforced apply for everyone in order to ensure a level playing field. We never sell out on fair play.

Adaptation: We encourage creative thinking and development. Contract bridge had its rules set out in 1925 and we embrace the opportunity for the game to advance and thrive.

Integrity: Honesty and trust are corner stones of bridge. We conduct ourselves in accordance with high ethical standards.

Respect: We appreciate individuality and diversity, and are courteous to players, spectators and business partners. We do our utmost to ensure that everyone feels welcome in our tournaments.

If you don’t share our core values, please don’t sign up to play in WBT tournaments.


Being a partnership game and based on concealed information, bridge is a fragile game. Unless it is played by integrity, the game won’t be fair. History has shown that quite a few players, unfortunately, have been willing to break and/or bend the rules in order to gain an edge.

When bridge moved from physical tables to virtual tables in March 2020 (due to the Covid-19 pandemic), it soon became clear that cheating had a sad impact on the online game. With the bridge organizations putting themselves on the sidelines, it was up to the tournament organizers and players to solve the rampant cheating problem.

Boye Brogeland, who was instrumental in exposing the 2015 Bridge cheating scandal, became involved with combatting online bridge cheating in June 2020. He became part of the Credentials Advisory Team (CAT), which recommended who could play in ALT and OCBL events. As in 2015, Brogeland had great help from Thomas Charlsen in analysing bridge hands of suspected players.

Charlsen had the idea of making an umbrella organization which could licence players for online bridge tournaments. Organizers like ALT and E-Open seemed very interested in receiving similar help as they had asked CAT for by the summer of 2020. This lead to World Bridge Holding AS (WBH) being established in October 2020, with the launch of the World Bridge Tour in January 2021.

1st Season of the World Bridge Tour ended in 2021 with all events being arranged online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In total we had 163 different teams from all over the world playing in the WBT Champions Cup and WBT Challengers Cup. Congratulation to team Black winning the WBT Champions Cup and team Kinds winning the WBT Challengers Cup!

2nd Season of the WBT Champions Cup ended in October 2022. For the first time the bridge community had a tour consisting of both online and F2F events. 29 teams participated and cashed out in total 111.000 € in prize money. Our F2F events in Lillehammer and Copenhagen was highly successful in all aspects.


World Bridge Tour (WBT) 2023 consists of top - level team tournaments organised World Bridge Holding (WBH).

From 2022 all events will be arranged strictly by World Bridge Holding (WBH), the owner company of World Bridge Tour (WBT)


Fair Play Committee

Fiona Brown (England)

David Burn (England)

Per-Ola Cullin (Sweden)

Allan Graves (USA)

Michael Rosenberg (USA)

Chris Willenken (USA)

Meike Wortel (The Netherlands)

Investigation Committee

Sabine Auken (Germany)

Eldad Ginossar (USA)

David Gold (England)

Nicolas Hammond (USA)

Tom Hanlon (Ireland)

Michael Kamil (USA)

Jerry Li (China)